Saturday, January 23, 2010

Art exhibition(Hiromi Nakatani)

Today went to Annexe Gallery to see some artwork by Japanese artist Hiromi Nakatani. Wasn't much there, my dad didn't appreciate the art, said was not really good. I say it's okay... So here are some of her artworks. You judge.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Inspired by an orange no.1

Okay, so here is my first post. While I was watching television, I was peeling a mandarin orange and yeah... I love to analyze everything around me, and so this is what I got by analyzing the orange. Don't worry, no oranges were harmed or anything (laughs). I have three designs based on an orange. Here is the first. This is my drawing and painting, it is slightly different than the sketch I did. I know, the right arm and leg are skinnier than the left. I did not bother to do the measurements since I am concentrating more on the fashion here. I gave the dress three shades of orange: pale orange for the dots, orange behind the dots, and mixed yellow and orange for the rest of the dress. It's a drawing, so I guess i should say what kind of material I would use if I were to make this dress (can't wait to go to a fashion school and learn everything!). The parts with the dots I would use a hard cloth and the rest would be a smooth cloth with a shiny surface, like silk maybe? So what do you think?