Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Crazy high heels #1(Nature)

I am contradicting myself.. I said I would be posting my older artworks for the time being, but I couldn't resist posting this crazy shoe I designed on the 28/2/2010. I'm not a person who wears high heels but I do like looking at shoes and designing shoes(actually I just started designing shoes). This design is based on wild life and nature. This shoe- snail shell, vines, cheetah skin. Heels would be made of wood. Got lots more of crazy heels coming, but let me show them in the future kay?


  1. Such an imaginative design! I love it though

    Kirstie Marié

  2. It's gorgeous! Eagerly awaiting more sketches!

  3. hi berlin how are u doing do u feel comfortable while walking with heels

  4. very pretty...and very "green"
    thanks for stopping by my blog hun :)


  5. Oh that is a cool pair of heels!

  6. something on the runway soon im sure ^__^
    very unique<3

  7. Love it!!!

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  8. nice shades u have great future


  9. so cool and quirky! love sammy

  10. I love the nature part of it, and it goes "in" with the runways since it's kind of tribal.

    And does every school require uniforms?! Oh, no! I would cry. Each day. Each hour. EACH MINUTE.
    So you live in Malaysia? How's life there?

  11. love the hole in it & shape of it! :)

  12. Haha, well I live in Canada, so I'm pretty thankful that the country isn't corrupt/doesn't have major political problems.
    Well I go to a public French immersion school, and we're not required to wear uniforms (but there are limits... You have to wear appropriate clothing to a certain length of your leg (you have to put your hands down and the tip of your fingertips is where your shorts/skirt/dress/romper/whatever has to reach) and you can't show bra straps, etc.
    Yeah, I love Canada and all, but not where I live. The city has practically no culture, but it is safe and it doesn't suffer from natural catastrophes (the privilege we get of having winter most of the year... There is no such thing as Fall or Spring here, only Summer and Winter.)
    Some places in Canada are really enjoyable, like Vancouver and Montreal (the oldest city... I've never been, but it is incredible!)

    What do you mean by crazy? Isn't that a good thing? I think crazy people are the most interesting ones, because they stand out.

  13. And what kind of political issues? Is it a corrupt country or ?

  14. cool shoes

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