Thursday, July 15, 2010

Fashion Artwork: A Shaded View on Fahion Film 2010(4)

The fourth outfit in my video A Shaded View on Fashion Film 2010 competition that will be judged by Diane Pernet and Tavi Gevinson. This outfit is more of a punk style.

This Outfit- Grey color skinny jeans, yellow belt with studs, grey boots, white collar-shirt(no sleeves), fish net vest, and torn up scarfs(purple & yellow).

And as you can see, I gave her a long earring(my mom said you are a lesbian if you wear your earring only on one side..? I wonder who came up with this manmade idea? I really think that it's perfectly fine. What do you guys think?

I really like these kind of earrings but it might get stuck to something or get pulled by some kid.

P.S. My ears aren't even pierced.

Back view.

Somehow I really love things hanging. I think of Steven Tyler from the band Aerosmith whenever I think of things hanging =)

Wish all of you an awesome day!


  1. Hi Berlin,
    This clothes really are Steven Tyler's style! So nice...
    Thank you for the Akiane Kramarik's link. Very good.
    With angels in the clouds,

  2. Love the long earring (and yes, I usually wear two!!)

    Have a lovely weekend,


  3. This outfit is so unique!

    xx, Melissa

  4. cool look! Her side skirt and long earring remind me of a final fantasy character.

    Chic on the Cheap

  5. I think one earing can be fab with perfect hairstyle and clothes.

    Cool post :)


  6. She looks very cool! I love the detailing on the jeans!

    xox cathy.

  7. Hi Berlin,
    Have a lovely weekend.

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  9. I love the first drawing, it is more of a punk style :)
    Hope you're having a great weekend!

  10. are so your newest follower!
    follow me too?

  11. these are your best yet, great work!

  12. cool creation! you're talented! :)

    Castor Pollux

  13. i like your video ♥
    i wanted to make one too,
    i started 63 days for end,
    but after a time i forgot
    it and i had just 12 seconds,
    and now there are only 2/3 days
    left, so i've not enough time ;(
    i'll make a video for my blog i guess..