Sunday, October 24, 2010

Artwork and photos: Noir94 Donuts,J.CO Donuts and Coffee, Big Apple, Dunkin' Donuts

I know, anyone can do this right? But I wanted to post this because I LOVE donuts!! And also because I have my Chinese essay and other stuff to finish :S

Aha! I just remembered I had some photos of donuts :P
I used to love Dunkin' Donuts, now it's Big Apple or 

J.CO Donuts & Coffee

It's a pity that I only get to eat about eight donuts in a year : (
My parents don't want me eating too much sugary food.
Why is it every time something is delicious, it is always not good for you?

Donuts rolling, donuts bouncing, donuts singing, donut pillow, donut land,


  1. oh yummy!! i need to run to dunkins right away hehe

  2. They look far too pretty to eat, don't they?

  3. ==============================
    I had for a long time a terrible addiction for pastries...Until i learned your parents are so right !!....We all don't know how much SUGAR IS A REAL POISON FOR THE MIND AND, OF COURSE FOR OUR BODY !

    THE ONLY SUGAR WITH IS GREAT ( and vital for our brain )is the one from fruits and vegetables.....

    Have a SUPER NEW WEEK !

    Your friend the Pirate of France ! ^^

  4. Ah, I recall the donuts of my childhood.
    These remind me of them - sharing donuts with my sister. I ought to try and have one soon;-)

  5. Wow, yummi! I want donuts! :)
    I wait for you on my blog! Have a nice day!

  6. those look tasty, I especially love the one with the little hearts on it!

    Chic on the Cheap

  7. those donuts look intense! so cute.

  8. What funny timing! I totally had DD munchkins tonight!

  9. those donuts make me wanna go out and buy some, I think I will :)